Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dark o' the Moon

It's starting again.  When it happened five years ago, it was alarming and fairly spooky.  Now I know what to expect and am prepared.  In case anyone wondered, the life expectancy of a light bulb is five years.  In late 2005, I replaced approximately forty-seven burned-out light bulbs in a very short time, and batteries in every battery-driven appliance in the house, as well as batteries in two trucks and the lawn tractor.  It was a black time in my life anyhow, and it seemed like The Powers That Be were conspiring to keep me in the dark.  In the past week, two bulbs in the kitchen, one in the dining room, one in the hall, and two in the bathroom have burned out.  Batteries went dead in the TV remote, the camera, and the flashlight.  It's almost laughable that even the moon, which has been so full and bright of late, sometimes shining through the cloud cover, is on the wane.  I'm ready for this cycle, stocked up on light bulbs of every shape and size and nine-volt, double- and triple-A, C, and D batteries.  (Why aren't there "B" batteries?)  Let there be light!!

I did turn in the paperwork for a Citizen's Arrest/Citation, and my neighbor will be served today.  Unless she decides to go to court to fight it, the result will most likely be a fine.  There was a great line in a movie I saw recently, "You can make a choice, but you can't choose the consequence."  I hope there will be no retaliation for a problem that is not of my making.

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Kathryn said...

Perfect Halloweenie time for witchy, scary, dark things that go bump-in-the-night...and my fingers are crossed that the irresponsible neighbors don't think that egging your house is a good way to trick-or-treat-or-retaliate! Let's hope that they are chagrinned by the Citation and get serious about keeping their property ON their property.