Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Toy

I won't get my new toy until [our] Thanksgiving, but I'm as excited as a Kid waiting for Christmas.  At the Fiddletown party, a friend was using a tiny little camera no bigger than my cell phone.  I was immediately struck with a bad case of the Gotta-Have-Its.  The camera I use now is certainly a lot smaller than the box Brownie I used as a kid (that's probably a museum piece by now), and it is digital, which I thought was better than sliced bread when I first got it.  No more taking roll after roll of film in and then waiting weeks for them to be developed and printed.  Shoot, I remember when color film came out...everything before that was in black-and-white.  A lot of film was wasted because we always took at least two shots, hoping at least one would show more than just the feet of the subject.  I've been taking a lot more photos this year to include in the blog, but always need to go back to the house for the camera, hoping the deer, turkeys, mice, clouds...whatever...will stay put long enough for me to get back, huffing and puffing.  There are so many photo ops that go uncaptured while I trek back up the hill, or not.  The new toy will slip right into my bibbies, always at the ready!  I do have a fear, though.  What with the cell phone, the teensy recorder, cigs and lighter (yes, I hang onto my vices...I have so few left), whatever tool or other implement I may be carrying, and soon the new camera, if I fall into a river, I will sink like a rock!  Ah, must take chances in life.  Deb and Craig are kind enough to do my specialty and/or quantity shopping at Costco, they've already got the camera, and I'll see them next month (which fortunately starts tomorrow)!  They'll also bring another twenty-five pounds of sugar for the hummers; that's about one-hundred pounds so far this year; and a couple of cases of diaper wipes for the goats.  Good thing they've got a big-enough car.

It's Halloween, All-Hallows-Evening, the night for ghosties and goblins and witches.  We get no trick-or-treaters here.  Steve always said that if any Kid would hike up our driveway, he/she would get (and deserve) the whole bag of candy.  Yes, I still buy the candy...but only the kind I like the best...and then I eat it all!  Ha-ha-haaaaa!


Deb said...

We're going to pull the new camera out today and take a few pics to make sure it works (maybe I'll take a pic of the taj, which is just about done - just the roof shingles and a little more accent paint).
Can a commenter attach a picture?

Bo said...

DEB!!! You're on the blog!!! Woot woot!! I don't know if you can post photos too...don't know if anyone has tried. If not, send 'em email and I'll post them. I'm just so happy to see you!

Kathryn said...

Now THAT'S funny...daughter and mom, who most likely touch base often in the second most personal way...on the old-fashioned telephone (or maybe now Skyping via camera-on-computer is second) having a conversation on Blog posts, and mom being so excited. But I do get it...I think some people have been unable to post comments because of the convoluted nature of getting comments on here. HI DEB - WE'VE NEVER MET, BUT GLAD TO SEE YOU HERE...and can't WAIT to see the yes, send your mom a pic - hurry...NOW!! And Happy Halloween, everyone! (Oh, and Bo...YAY for the new toy...if it is so small, can't they swathe it in bubble wrap and let the USPS get it to you ASAP??) Just sayin' (Oh, guess what???? I had to edit this as I had forgotten to close my parentheses, and Deb, because it took me an extra step this time to post, I saw that there WAS a place to post a profile pic...which of course could be ANY pic!!! Who knew???

Kathryn said...

If this works, there will be a picture of my youngest "granddog" - if not, well at least I tried!!