Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Deb and Craig are building a coop for the Silkies, the mini-chickens who now sleep in a dog crate.  Deb and Craig have a proprietary interest in these hens, as they rescued them as chicks, and want to see them well and happy.  Happy?  These chickens are going to be the envy of chickens everywhere when their new home is delivered.  I've been getting calls:  what are the measurements of the gate? can we get the top cover off? how close can we drive the truck? will you see if we can take the pen apart?  The project for shelter for three little chickens has taken on monumental proportions.  Deb and Craig are both perfectionists, and I knew it would be something beyond ordinary, but who would imagine a coop with a solar-powered fan?  I simply cannot wait to see it!  I just don't know how I'm going to explain to the other hens why they have to live in the equivalent of "the projects" and they accuse me of being a slum lord.

My son Larry took on the assignment of organizing the troops and deciding when we would celebrate Thanksgiving this year.  The actual date of a holiday has never mattered as much to my family as when it was most convenient to get everyone together.  Also, if I stay flexible, it allows those with in-laws and exes to join those with more traditional views and it's a win-win all around.  It takes a lot of pressure off working people, too.  We will be having Thanksgiving on the Saturday before the national holiday, which will give the others a chance to overdose on turkey the following week.  There've been times we didn't celebrate Christmas until January.  At one New Year's Eve party, everyone was fading about ten o'clock.  What the heck...we set the kitchen timer, did the traditional count down, and when it went off, did the kissy-kissy, hoisted the Champagne, Happy New Year! bit.  It was midnight somewhere and it worked for us.  It was such fun, we set the timer at least three times!  It isn't the when, it's who you're with. 

The holidays are starting, and the Silkie Taj is coming...I can't wait!

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Kathryn said...

Oh, I can't WAIT to see the pics of the Silkie Taj! And you think that the two Rhodies who showed up on your doorstep and the Barred Rock who followed you in the house aren't going to tell the OTHER little girls about your own palace? Just wait 'til the Silkies get their mansion. I can see the headlines now..."Landowner Accused of Racial Profiling - Non-Asians Demand Equal Housing!" And the follow-up after you give in..."Dis-Oriented Egg Layers Take Over the Main Residence at Farview Farm in the Sierra Foothills!" Talk about a Poop Deck!!!