Friday, October 1, 2010


And the subject is...stinkbugs!  Outnumbering the mice and squirrels in the barn, these inch-long, shiny black beetles move slowly like tiny robots going about their business, whatever that might be.  I have a feeling they're some kind of dung beetle, although I've never actually seen them do anything with the "product."  When threatened, they hike their back end up as if aiming, and perhaps they do emit some stinky chemical because the birds back off. 

Yesterday was a red-letter day in the Silkie pen.  I picked up one egg in the morning and another at night, so at least two of these mini-chickens are girls.  I have two...can I hear three?  Maybe they're just late bloomers.

For the third appointment, I again waited for Dishwasher Guy, and after the mandatory four-hour wait (stuck in the house by the phone) was again told he couldn't make it.  Aaargh.  DW Guy said he can't come now until the seventh.  He did promise me he'd have the dishwasher fixed by Thanksgiving.  What a relief!  I might get a little tight-jawed, but am truly grateful it's the dishwasher and not the toilet.

Temperatures dropped from one-hundred four to one hundred yesterday.  While it seems impossible, those four degrees actually felt cooler.  Not cool, but cooler.  Take what you get and be glad that you got it.

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Kathryn said...

I know there are many, many, many benefits of being a hill-dweller, but appliance service is not one of them. I'm guessing your cell phone doesn't work while you are out and about on your property or you would have DW guy just call you on that so that you weren't tethered. But, tethered out of the 100 degrees is probably not too bad. Thanksgiving, huh? That's a helluva window...sometime between Oct. 1 and Turkey Day - big of him, huh?

Oh, thunder and lightning in Southern California in September...after record-breaking scorchers...somethin's up!!??