Sunday, October 17, 2010


"Lord, give me patience...and I want it now!"  That's been my plea for years...right up there with wanting to be tall, thin, and have straight hair.  At this stage in life I realize I won't grow any more; I am preventing [more] wrinkles by plumping skin from the inside; having wash-and-wear hair has its advantages.  I'm still working on patience, and I'm about to have another lesson.  I've found another Tree Guy who is going to take down the big oak over the barn, probably next week.  He's got a great plan:  he's going to leave the five main branches on the massive trunk at about eight feet from the ground so they can be used as the base for a roof to shelter the girls until the trees I'll plant around the barn can grow to provide shade.  Fruitless mulberries are notoriously fast growing, as long as I can protect the roots from the ground squirrels and the trunks from the girls.  If I have any luck and a lot of patience, in about two years I should have shade again. 

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Kathryn said...

Two years, huh?? Now that IS patience! Miracle Grow, here she comes. And good luck with preventing the critters from taking over the asylum before the trees have a chance to provide their shade...may need more than patience on your part!! How 'bout a citified canvas canopy - legs planted in Quikrete and canvas replaceable as it weathers - for temporary shade. The goats will think they are at the beach or camping!!!