Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Big Bird(s)

Five or six turkeys were waiting for breakfast yesterday before I even stepped out the door.  They waited as I got their grain and walked slowly to the feeding station, softly calling, "Turk, turk, turk."  Not only did these hold their ground as I approached, more turkeys started coming out of the woodwork!  They were flying over fences and out of trees, running up the hill, until there were at least fifteen.  Evidently the word is out that I'm no threat.  As was mentioned a couple of days ago, the big males are starting to fan and posture.  What amused me more was that they had congregated in the driveway later as Bess and I went to get feed for the goats.  Bessie, without a word from me, took her cues and we were able to walk amongst the flock, moving slowly and not making eye contact.  She was able to maintain composure when I'm sure her instincts were to run, chase, and watch the birds flutter and squawk.  These big birds simply parted and let us walk through.  It was magical.

It was a gorgeous fall day and, after tending to the goats, I took a book out to the deck to enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze.  Haven't done that in ages.  It might have been a mistake, though, as I really got into "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," and three hundred pages later, realized I had done little else all day.  In late afternoon, my neighbor called me to come get a bin of grape stems for the girls.  He does this every year after the crush.  The stems have a high sugar content and the girls come to the fence and yell as I fork over their treats...not too many at a time.  I'm going to be extra careful this year, as last October I was up in the truck bed doling out the goodies, slipped, landed on the ground and heard and felt my tailbone snap.  Not an experience I'd care to repeat.  It would make it hard to sit and read, and I've got a good book to finish.

Re. the stats:  I would love to hear from other make a connection.  Writing is self-satisfying, and knowing there are readers is unbelievably gratifying, but statistics are so dry. 


Kathryn said...

As an animal lover, I slowly re-read the first paragraph so that I could walk amongst the turkeys with you and Bess, and I could feel the magic. It says a lot about you that the critters know to trust you, and I'm sure it must be so rewarding to get to know some of God's wild creatures a bit better, and even have a relationship with some.

And I slipping on grape stems! I fell on rollerblades once and the ol' tailbone can take a long time to heal! And you want to be able to sit when you want to sit!

OK, other readers...step up to the plate and let your voices be heard. I'm only one statistic and it is lonely out here too. (The only profile I know to select is Google, so give it a try - it's a 2 step process for me to post! And if anyone is curious, I'm from Southern California, near San Diego, and I got introduced to the blog from my ex-sister-in-law who knew "Bo" in high school.)

Mark said...

It is amazing that normally skittish wild turkeys would be so quick to allow you to become part of their "flock". Bulking up for winter at the Farview Buffet! In addition to the grape stems you could ask for a truckload of the grape skins to use for compost. I will caution that the skins are very "fragrant" and growing up in Lodi, CA you always new when the wine grape crush was underway. I am Bo's cousin who has a home in Chico, CA and am currently working on Wake Island in the Pacific Ocean near..ah..close to...ah....not far from...ah...nowhere!

To all you distant blog followers: Come out of the woodwork and say hello!