Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thanks...& Thanks Again

Tending to chores yesterday, I glanced over into the "orchard" (where the trees don't grow well and the birds get all of the fruit, when there is any) and noticed a four-foot post in the ground where I hadn't put a post.  My curiosity piqued, I wandered over and found that the post was the broken end of a fifteen-foot branch that had evidently dropped straight down from the oak, buried (and I mean solidly buried) itself in the ground, and snapped off.  Loggers call these limbs widow makers for good reason.  I thanked my poor, overworked guardian angels that no animals, chickens, buildings, vehicles, or me was underneath when it fell.  Tree Guy hasn't come back.  I think I'll use the fallen branch to light a fire under his tail and get the oak over the barn taken down.  Goat kebabs are not on my menu.

I check the Blogspot statistics every day.  I find that since June (when the stats became available) I've got readers in twenty-five countries, including the U.S., recently picking up Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan.  I have no way of knowing the constitution of these readers.  They may be nationals interested in a very small slice of Americana, or like Cousin Mark, countrymen in foreign places finding The View a way to touch home.  Those readers in the States may live in big cities, finding amusement (I hope not derision) in a completely different lifestyle, or country women (or men) like myself, finding common threads.  There are between thirty and fifty "hits" a day, over forty-six hundred to date.  This contact, albeit anonymous, makes the world seem much smaller and a much friendlier place.  Thanks to everyone who takes the time to see The View From Farview Farm through my eyes.


Kathryn said...

And all this time I thought we were "just talking amongst ourselves," so to speak! I guess that's what you call the "silent majority?" I'd say that congratulations are in order, because I don't think many people would keep "hitting" if they didn't enjoy your offerings (altho I do hit more than once...to see if you or others comment on the comments - didn't realize it was being counted). With that said...we are ALL glad that your overworked guardian angels kept "all creatures great and small" safe. I bet that widow-maker action would be something fascinating to watch - provided no one was in the way.

Mark said...

I had no idea your blog is so widely read. That is soooo cool! I imagine that you were a bit surprised when those stats became available and you realized that the "World" was watching and reading. It would be interesting to have some of them post comments. Or even just respond with their location. There are some serious goat shepherds in Iran, Iraq and Pakistan who could probably share some techniques as well as stories. Challenge them to a welcome post.