Monday, October 11, 2010

Do A Little Dance

Poppy came to stand at the barn gate while I was preparing the nighttime feed dishes, hoping to mooch a few mouthfuls.  She knows I'm a soft touch where she's concerned.  She's such an Eeyore kind of girl, plodding stolidly through life.  Therefore it was a little alarming when, after getting one handful of grain, she started doing a little rumba or cha-cha with her hind legs and then ran off...a little like seeing Lady Liberty lift her skirts in a Can-Can.  Finishing the barn chores, I noted Poppy was once again her placid self.  What was that all about?!  Later in the day, while doing more weeding, I saw that the fire ants are coming to the surface, and that answered the question.  Once a year these red devils open their nests and boil out over the ground.  Their bite burns and stings and they hang on with a phenomenal grip.  One poor dog of mine came crying with an ant clamped to her nose, so I can easily understand why Poppy, who must have been standing over a nest, danced and ran. 

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Kathryn said...

Isn't nature amazing? I've often wondered why God created such things as fleas and mosquitos...and maybe fire ants, however, I'm sure that there is infinite wisdom behind the creation of all creatures, but I just can't see the big pictures. Glad Poppy didn't have to practice all day for "Dancing with the Stars!"