Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cookie Monster!

Barely back from the barn, I glanced up and there was Faye standing quietly at the screen door, tail wagging.  "Well, hello old girl, how's tricks?  Wait right there."  We've got the routine down pat and I went to get the leash and a pocketful of cookies (milk bones).  Faye cracks me up when she does that Lab bounce of happiness.  She waited patiently while I leashed her to the porch post and then gobbled a few cookies.  Bessie Anne did the welcoming butt-sniff ritual and got her own cookie, then came in the house and ignored our guest.  I left a message for Faye's people and went on about my business.  Thankfully, the temperature continued to drop so Faye could stay where she was.  No way could I have left her on the porch when the sun moved over had it been one of the hot, hot days.  A bowl of water, and later a small bowl of kibble, we waited.  And waited.  Along about three-thirty, I called and left another message, and finally at four her very apologetic mama came to pick her up.  Faye got into the back seat and sat looking out the window like a kid reluctant to leave Grandma's house.

Faye is an old dog, so nonaggressive that the cats will walk right by her.  She never goes over by the chickens or down by the goats.  Talking to her mama, I explained again the dangers of letting a dog run loose up here, and why I either confine the dog or call Animal Control, depending on the nature of the animal and the threat to my own livestock.  Dogs probably outnumber people on the hill, but it's only rarely that one sees them running the roads; most have responsible owners.

Unreal as it seems, it evidently rained during the night.  The deck is wet and the sky is heavily overcast.  I am not complaining!  Checking my annotated calendar, yes, it was just a couple of days ago we were sweltering in hundred-degree weather.  I'll just enjoy this cool air while I can.  It's going to be a good day.

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