Friday, June 1, 2012

Good Night's Sleep

It was pretty darned lonely around here Wednesday night.  Frank was distraught, going from room to room and calling for his special friend.  I was trying not to think of worst-case scenarios and missing Bessie Anne like crazy.  The office was, for a change, not busy when I went to pick her up yesterday and Dr. Ric had time to talk with me and show me her x-rays.  The best news is that there is no evidence of the tumors he'd suspected in either her lymph nodes or her spine.  (That was the worst-case fear.)  She does have a significantly enlarged heart.  As my friend Linda said, "[Bessie's] big heart is no surprise."  She also has bronchitis and inflamed kidneys.  He changed meds for her raw throat, which has not responded yet, and has given her pain meds for her legs.  Dr. Ric is a bit frustrated because there is nothing definitive for her symptoms.  Courtney brought Bess out and when my girl saw me her tail went so fast I thought it would lift her back end off the ground.  In such a short time, she had become the sweetheart of the staff and everyone had to come and say goodbye.  For her part, Bess had spent the night at the spa, getting a pedicure and the canine equivalent of a Brazilian trim (due to the urinary problem).

Back at the house, Frank came running to rub all over Bess to welcome her home.  Bessie went to each of her favorite places to lie down for a few minutes, moving on to the next as if to make sure nothing had changed.  My girl is home, and we all slept like logs last night.

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Kathryn said...

Praying that her not-so-perfect conditions heal in record time. But it sounds like her spirits were high and she had a nice welcome-home party!