Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Temperature's Rising

Running close to one hundred, the heat is already taking its toll.  After coming up from the barn where I go from "glow" to downright sweat, all activity ceases at my house.  Watching Bessie Anne move from the entryway tiles to the stone hearth and back again, trying to find a cool spot, I finally took her out on the deck and used the clippers to cut away most of her heavy winter coat.  She'll need more trimming today, but she must be more comfortable with her "summer do."  I'm filling the hummers' feeders twice a day now.  They also suffer from the heat and need a lot of hydration.  The lovely weather of the weekend just past is but a memory.

Pearl has developed a new routine.  She's a rather independent girl, disappearing when company is here, rarely coming to sit on my lap, asking to be petted only on her terms.  All that being said, for the past couple of weeks she has been jumping up on the sink as I brush my teeth before bedtime, rubbing against me as she pushes back and forth on the narrow lip of the sink.  It's really hard to brush teeth and pet cat at the same time while trying not to spit toothpaste on her back.  I am readily available all day long in much more favorable circumstances; why she's chosen this particular time and place...well, that's a cat for you.

I've got to adjust my work schedule in order to get more done in the cool of morning.  The long spring had me spoiled.  Hanging laundry on the line in direct sun yesterday afternoon nearly wiped me out.  When the temperature rises, I drop.

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Kathryn said...

I thank you, for whatever connection that you have with the "grand thermostat regulator in the sky," as the weather in your part of paradise was absolutely heavenly last week. I'll do my part from here and envision those temps for you again!! Kiddie pool anyone???