Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tractor Guy

Sound travels weirdly in the hills and it's not always easy to tell from which direction a sound is coming.  Someone yelling in the front yard cannot be heard in the back yard.  I can hear Fritz calling for Faye, but he cannot hear me call back that she is (or is not) here.  Yesterday morning I heard a tractor, but could not tell who was out working so early.  I went on about my business and it was not until I was down with the goats that I saw Tractor Guy coming over the rise in my field!  My friend and neighbor Joel had snuck past and was disking the south pasture.  Like the shoemaker's elves, he comes unexpected and unannounced and does this kind deed for me.  All he will ever take in return is my thanks, and thank him I do, most sincerely.  I did tell him, however, that he will never make it on the farm NASCAR circuit as he persists in making right-hand turns (and that he missed a spot).

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