Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gone Again

Away from home two days in a row; I can hardly stand the excitement!  Of course, I'm not getting much done here, either, with all this gadding about.  Weather for wine tasting was perfect.  Yesterday, not so much.  It either drizzled or poured rain all day for my grocery shopping expedition with Arden.  The outing was really just an excuse to get together with my friend and the rain did not dampen our spirits one bit.  It did, however, keep us from wandering through one of the local nurseries as we'd planned.

There is not a cloud in the sky this morning, and the turkeys are already on the march.  Unlike the chickens (who are at it night and day), turkeys appear to have specific breeding seasons.  The toms are currently enticing the hens with all their masculine finery displayed and gobbling to beat the band.  "Check me out!  Am I not handsome?"  It's a good thing I'm up early as these boys start their love songs (okay, that's a stretch of the imagination) at the break of dawn.

Bessie Anne continues to improve, not limping anymore.  Good girl that she is, she rolls over on her back when I approach with pills in hand.  It's not her favorite thing, but she puts up with it four times a day.  I try to find new ways to make the dreaded pills more appetizing with butter and special treats, but a pill is a pill.  Tomorrow she goes back to Dr. Ric for a follow-up appointment.

I'm off to the election booth.  Just another day for this social butterfly.

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Kathryn said...

Well miss gad-about, it sounds like the turkeys are not the only ones who are spreading their wings. Glad you are enjoying yourself and the company of others.