Thursday, June 7, 2012

Way Off Base

I called the vet's office to confirm Bessie's appointment for yesterday.  "That appointment isn't scheduled until tomorrow."  "I can't make a Friday appointment!"  "Tomorrow is Thursday."  "You're kidding me!  I would have sworn on a stack of Wonder Woman comic books that today is Thursday."  "No, ma'am."  That said and plans revised, I just checked my email and got a request to change pick-up time from my milk customer today and replied that I had no plans, come anytime.  Of course it did not strike me until I'd hit "send" that today is Thursday and I have to take Bess to the doctor, and so sent another reply to explain that.  I may not live off the grid, but I definitely live off the calendar and off the clock.  With the goats, there is no such thing as a weekend, so no punctuation to the week and unless there's a change in the weather, one day is much like another.  My daily schedule is governed by sunup-sundown and it's been difficult to keep track of Bessie's meds.  One pill has to be given a half-hour before the others, twice a day.  Out-of-town company is coming tomorrow (and I think it's agreed that tomorrow is Friday).  They've already been warned that if they come early, they'll be shot on the spot.  All this scheduling has me in a tizzy. 

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Kathryn said...

Yep, it is IS Thursday...except in Fiji of you can just claim that you were looking at your international calendar!!