Sunday, June 17, 2012

Safety First

One can't be too careful.

The only danger we were in yesterday was heat stroke.  Late afternoon, ninety-eight degrees in the shade, ninety in the house.  Taking a pitcher of margaritas out to the deck, Dolly and I pulled chairs over and put our feet in the pool.  I'd warned her about going in head first and she'd answered that if she couldn't dive in, she wouldn't go in at all!  See how she is?

The day was pretty much taken up with a couple of milk customers and making a run to Mt. Aukum for feed.  Oh, and talking!  Too hot to do much of anything else, we watched a couple of movies.  Hearing the chickens go berserk in the afternoon, I fired off a shot at a coyote who'd been looking for a take-out dinner.  I didn't have time to tell Dolly what I was going to do and it scared the bejeezus out of her (can't say we don't provide excitement for our guests).

A breeze has kicked in this morning, so there's hope for a cooler day today.  Dolly will be on her own while I'm down in the barn.  I'm worried that she'll try a half-gainer with a twist when I'm not around.

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Kathryn said...

You did it...the "bejeezus" got a "laugh-out-loud" guffaw out of me. And I'm guessing Dolly won't go all "Greg Louganis" on you while you are milking...she probably didn't bring her bathing cap, and I think they are mandatory for the competitions, ya know! Here's to a cooling breeze!