Monday, June 25, 2012

Monkey See...

On our morning walkabout, Bessie Anne stopped to take a slurp from what she considers to be her water dish.  Frank, seeing this, wandered over, gave it some thought, and rather than stick his face into the water but not wanting miss out, daintily dipped in his paw and licked it.  Pearl walked by me and muttered, "Frank's an idiot."

Ah, technology.  It turns out both Dave and Clay went to Sonoma for the NASCAR road race yesterday, but not together.  In the crowd of thousands and unable to connect in person, these two were texting each other back and forth.  Dave sent me photos of his driver and mine.  Mine, Clint Bowyer, won!  Made my day.

After the race, we went out to finish weeding the herb garden and walkway.  The cats got bored with chores and played tag in the oregano.  Bess moved along with me, dozing on the cool earth as I worked my way down the line.  In addition to the great weather, this task was made even more pleasant by the music from a different winery, a cover band this time, and they weren't half bad.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

Sounds like nice Weather for Wading, Weeding, Winning, and Winery strains Wafting! Glad it was a good day! Here's to another!