Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wear Your Floaties!

Ta da!  Ninety-nine degrees in town, so it wasn't surprising that I had to go to two stores to find a pool, but find one I did.  I brought it home (it fit in the cab of the truck) and proceeded with installation.  This pool actually came with instructions in two languages!  With the dimensions of a large water dish (which is what Bess thinks it is), the directions also included a Warning printed in big block letters.  "Do not dive!  Diving could result in severe injury."  Difficult as it may be to restrain myself, I shall refrain from diving into the pool, and I will tell Dolly not to do that either.

This pool might serve a second purpose.  For whatever reason, the little peeper frogs on the deck have started coming into the house.  They're hard to catch and pee in my hand when I pick them up.  Perhaps if they have another place to cool off, they'll stop looking for shade in the living room.  I'll have to warn them about diving.

Preparing the guest room yesterday, I discovered I needed to change the sheets on the bed.  Not because they weren't fresh, but because they were flannel!  Obviously, it's been awhile since I've had sleep-over company.  It wouldn't be kind to make Dolly sleep in an overheated bed. 

There isn't a rain cloud in the sky, but it's early yet.


Kathryn said...

Actually, I'm guessing the little peeper frogs COULD dive, with no injury, so I think you are safe there! And ya, the flannel might be a tad warm. I had forgotten that the current pools are molded plastic and not the dang blow up kind with double rings...that often sprung a leak! HAVE FUN!!

Kathy V said...

105 to 108 in my neck of the woods. Used to have the peepers living in the bathtub spout. Morning showers were full of surprises!