Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Full Service

Brave knights should always have a damsel in distress waiting in the wings, and today I get to be the fair maiden.  Joel and some of his crew will be here soon to borrow tables and chairs for his big Fourth of July bash.  Since I am such a wuss about the little tractor battery, I have asked if one of the guys will put in the new one for me.  I will appreciate their service.

Almost ten degrees lower this morning, a real cooling trend.

The AT&T guy came out yesterday to check the lines.  During the recent power outages, the land line telephone also went out; not good.  When the power came back, so did the phone lines.  Repair Guy realized that the battery backup at the local relay station was not working properly (which was what I'd suggested when I made the repair request).  The corporate mind is a wondrous thing.  Because the phone was now working, Repair Guy's supervisor would not let him submit a request to have the backup battery replaced.  In this age of specialization, RG is a Cable Guy and it would take a Battery Guy to make the change, and never the twain shall meet.  Even though there were other complaints, it seems that Supervisor will only approve the remedy if (make that "when") it happens again.  No such thing as preventive maintenance.  RG had done what he could.  As it was 104 in the shade, I sent him off with a few bottles of cold water and just shook my head.

Farview Farm is a full-service establishment.  In addition to the cereal (goat chow) I throw down for the barn mice, I am now putting milk on it for them.  When I was trying to shoo off Tony the squirrel, I had squirted him with milk.  Some of it sprayed onto the wipes bucket.  I did notice that the mice immediately licked it off, but I didn't pay a lot of attention.  With the blistering heat and no nighttime dew, the mice are suffering from lack of moisture.  I have started pointing streams at the bucket and the little critters are climbing all over each other to get at the milk.  It puts a whole new meaning on "We aim to please."

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Kathryn said...

"We aim to please"...LOL! Thanks for the morning chuckle. And ay-yi-yi on the apparent idiocy of the phone company. I'm fairly new into my HMO and had put off going to a dermatologist for a couple of years. When I went (for persistent rashes) I commented about having a visual scan for anything that might look "suspicious," and a low-level tech indicated that my visit was ONLY for the rash. Of course I thought, "You have got to be kidding - you can't just LOOK at my skin to determine if there might be other issues?" I guess this "one-ok'd-thing-at-a-time" rationale has swept the workplace.