Sunday, March 22, 2015

Back To School

My sympathy for Bessie Anne's deteriorating eyesight and hearing has been overriding my good sense, creating a lapse in good manners.  This little girl has taken every advantage of my sympathy, becoming a small, furry tyrant.  I find this unacceptable and we've begun retraining.  This is the face of a dog who does not like going back to school.

Her constant need to be in my lap had become weighty and wearing.  She is now allowed up in my chair when I choose, otherwise finds herself blocked by hand or leg.  Bess is  persistent and doesn't give up easily, but I remain calm, consistent, and determined.  Once I've said no, I can't relent.  Disappointed, she finally goes over to her chair or couch, lies down and gives a huge sigh.  We usually go out together (always together) numerous times throughout the day to do one thing or another or just sit and enjoy the outdoors.  I was speaking with a friend on the phone yesterday when Bessie decided it was time for an outing.  She got pretty vocal about it, pushy, in fact.  In the spirit of setting boundaries, I did not immediately meet her demands, hence this face.  She's pretty good with the guilt card.  I'm not trying to teach an old dog new tricks, but giving her a refresher course as a reminder of just who is the leader of this pack.  That would be me.

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