Saturday, March 7, 2015

Less Stress

The new approach to chores that I started last month is working!  Instead of being overwhelmed by the long, long list of things that need doing, I pared it down to just three; three "Things I Must Do Today."  I won't lie.  I don't always check off the entire list in one day, but definitely accomplish at least one.  I no longer get mired down with guilt.  Two things left on the list are no big deal.  Facing two chores and adding one more is doable, and the satisfaction of crossing off a couple is enough.

I've also gone to Plan B in the barn.  Since Sheila is my nemesis with the milk bucket, I've switched from adding her contribution to that of Inga's, risking the loss of over a gallon if Sheila sticks her foot in it.  Inga's milk goes in the first bucket and I bring out the second for Sheila.  If there is a mishap, not nearly so much goes flying.  Tessie's milk can then go in either one, but the danger is past once Sheila is off the stand.

I'm working on an alternative to dealing with Bessie Anne.  As her faculties decline, she's developed an obsession to being on my lap.  Once, she was happy being in her chair as I sat in mine.  No longer satisfied with that, she's begun climbing over the chair and table to get to me, knocking projects, remote controls, etc., over or off in the process.  Bess struggles to haul herself up to be with me and will not take no for an answer.  I truly wish to accommodate her needs, but fifty pounds is a chunk of dog and quite literally weighs me down after awhile.  I've tried blocking her with leg or hand to no avail.  She simply won't give up.  Yelling accomplishes nothing as her hearing is so bad now, and makes me feel terrible.  Short of standing all evening, I haven't found the right answer yet.  I'm working on it.

At this stage in life, I'm all about less stress.

Perhaps not outstanding, sunset last night was calming nonetheless.  All animals and fowl tucked in for the night.  One significant chore of longstanding crossed off the list.  It was a good day.

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