Sunday, March 15, 2015

Visiting Day

Tom and his German Shepherd, Bracca, drove up just as I was shutting the door on the barn and ready to head to the house.  Tom and his family have been customers and friends of mine for over twelve years now.  I don't see them as often anymore, so it's a special treat for me.  Bracca was here once before as a little pup whose ears couldn't quite stand up as they should.  Still well under a year old, he is growing into one of the prettiest (better make that "handsomest" as he's named after some warrior) Shepherds I've seen.  Bessie Anne performed her meet-and-greet hostess duties and ushered our guests into the house.  The cats, of course, ran for their bunker as soon as the door opened.  Bracca, like Honey, headed right for the milk bowl and also managed to grab a quick snack before Tom picked up Bess's food dish.  Shepherds are talkers and Bracca kept up a constant commentary on our conversation.  He was having a little trouble with "sit-stay" in this new environment.  With Tom's permission, I got a handful of milk bones, making sure to give Bessie her share, and asked Bracca to sit before giving a treat.  A fast learner, he was soon at my feet, using the dog version of the Vulcan mind-meld to get another milk bone.  "Look how good I'm sitting.  Look, I said!"  As an older girl, Bess quickly loses interest in canine capers and goes to lie down elsewhere whenever we have dog guests.  Before leaving, Bracca marked a trail outside so he'd know for next time.

It was nice to see Tom, too.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Aww, that warmed my heart!