Sunday, March 8, 2015

You Win

Bessie Anne and Celeste were obviously exhausted and in need of a lap nap after I finished the barn chores.  I've been trying to wean Bess from her obsession, but there are those times when I weaken, guilt-ridden from her reproachful looks, and say, "You win.  Climb aboard."  Celeste takes advantage of every opportunity and whatever space is left.  It's not so bad when there is a good old movie to watch while I'm nailed to the chair, but yesterday I was stuck with reruns of NCIS.  I like NCIS, but have seen every episode many times.  Sigh.

Another arena in which I've given up and tossed in the towel is the change to Daylight Savings Time.  For days now I've been getting up at 4:30 so I'd be prepared for the blankety-blank time change this morning.  Five-thirty on the dot (new time), my eyes opened.  The body and mind still know it was 4:30, but at least I'm keeping pace with the rest of California.  I'm not going to perform my semiannual rant-and-rave act.  It's a pointless, futile expenditure of energy.  My little voice crying in the wilderness can't win.

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Kathryn said...

I bet Bessie Anne And Celeste are happy when they win. Bummer about no old movies, though. Better luck next time, and I DID think about you as I changed the clocks. You are right - you can't win...unless you move to Arizona or Hawaii!