Monday, March 2, 2015

New Toys

NASCAR season has begun and race days are shot.  Not much gets done while "da boys" (and Danika) go round and round.  I had to explain to Kathy V. that a nap is obligatory along about lap 127.  I, myself, did not know about the NASCAR nap rule, but that was my introduction to racing.  Dave and Clay, both diehard fans, had come up and turned on a race.  I'd never watched NASCAR and wasn't too interested.  Horse racing was my game, but if they wanted to see it, it wasn't my place to tell my guests no.  So there I was, watching an unfamiliar sport and not knowing what was going on, when I realized I was watching alone.  Both guys were sound asleep in the recliners.  They later explained the rules, noting that even though their eyes were closed (and they were snoring), one ear stayed open so if anything extraordinary like a major pile-up happened, they'd know.  Hey, it works for me.

Bessie Anne and I took advantage of the magic of DVR and instant replay to take a couple of breaks and go outside to enjoy what turned out to be a gorgeous day.  The rain had washed everything clean and the forsythia in full bloom was especially bright.

Close to sundown, I answered a call from my niece Michelle who had just bought a new cellphone and was trying to figure out how it worked; I was a test case.  I could definitely commiserate as, and Deb will attest, until I learned how to operate my new phone I really wanted to throw the thing against the wall.  I'm getting better at not hanging up on Linda now, but she generally sends me a text first to tell me she's going to call (oh, she of little faith).  There were a couple of glitches on Michelle's end, but we were talking as I walked out and down to the barn.  Daylight was fading and we all know what that means.  As the goats were starting to go in, I lost contact with Michelle.  I figured she'd pushed a wrong button.  "Hello?  Hello?"  With the phone in my hand, I heard the text message tone coming from my pocket.  Huh?!  Turns out I'd left the house while talking on the wireless house phone.  Now I know what the wireless range is.  Dang these new toys. 

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Kathryn said...

Oh your forsythia is gorgeous. I had never seen it in Southern California (or if I had, I had never taken notice) and when I got to Ohio, I learned that it was the watermark for the snow season - 3 more snow sightings and then spring will arrive officially! Bet you are glad to have NASCAR back!!