Friday, March 27, 2015

Rose Parade

"Everything's Coming Up Roses" (Gypsy, 1959).  It's too early for roses to be blooming, but nobody told them and so they're bursting out.

This is Angel Face.  The plant was given to me, appropriately, when Steve died.  I've given an Angel Face to others; it's a great commemorative plant.

I'm ashamed to say I don't remember the name of this heritage rose.  It was chosen for its perfume, as well as beauty.  It lives in the sadly neglected Pig Garden (Louie's old pen), but it comes back year after year regardless.

Another overachiever also lives in the Pig Garden.  This a single rose!  It looks like a full bouquet and was also chosen for the perfume.

Purple Tiger was given to me years and years ago.  The plant is full of buds, but is the slowest to blossom out.  I always think of the woman who gave it to me when the purple and white stripes appear.
The last, and the least, is the little Cecile Brunner.  This rose brings many memories for me, going back to my teenage years and forward to Deb and Craig who gave this one to me.

My mother had an extensive rose garden, and I've planted roses wherever I've lived.  I always think of her when the roses bloom.

For me, roses should be called "Forget Me Not."

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