Monday, March 23, 2015

The Art Of Avoidance

The day was spent finding ways to avoid doing that which must be done.  I'm happy to say a number of inconsequential tasks were performed, and a couple that really mattered.  I've streamlined and perfected production on The Project and completed another unit start to finish.  As a token gesture, all those papers Ralph scattered were picked up.  The only form damaged by fang and claw was one of Bessie Anne's vet reports; funny how that happened.  Fearful that I might be sucked into actually getting a start on taxes, I quickly left the room and did not return.  I did not go so far as dusting, but it was an ace-in-the-hole option.  By not doing what I was suppose to do, I got a lot done.

Rain had been promised and by sundown it very much looked like it might happen.  Nature took a page from my playbook and, in spite of those clouds, avoided an all-out rain.  We've had more moisture on the deck from a heavy dew.  Taxes will have to wait today.  Obviously, I will have to water all plants instead.  (Practice makes perfect.)

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Kathryn said...

Congrats on "The Project," and LOL about your Art of Avoidance!