Tuesday, March 10, 2015

That's For The Birds

After a short hiatus, I was back to working on The Project again yesterday, somewhat hampered by the dog in my lap and the cat who wanted to be there.  (I am similarly hampered at the moment by Celeste, who has squeezed herself onto my lap at the desk, her head lying across my arm making typing very difficult.  It's better, though, than when she lies on the hand using the mouse and puts her butt on the "return" key.)   Persevering, I continued putting parts together until there was a dreadful thunk on the window.  Pushing Bessie Anne onto the floor and stepping over the cat, I went outside to assess the damage (to the bird, not the window).  This tiny guy was on the bench, fortunately just stunned.  There have been times I've found a bird who hit the glass wrong and was beyond saving.  The bench was in shadow and the temperature was dropping.  Hummers don't have much body heat and can't afford to lose any more, so I picked him up and held him in cupped hands to give him warmth.  We moved into the sunlight for the additional heat and he began to stir, but sat still for quite awhile.  There is something magical about holding one of these birds.  They weigh next to nothing.  Hummers are continually on the move, so getting to inspect one up close and personal is amazing.  It was a great relief and a tinge of loss when he was finally revived enough to take off like a shot.

At first, I thought the birds hit the window because they didn't see the glass.  Over time, I realize it only happens at certain times of the year and I believe it might be mating season and the males are trying to drive off a potential rival.  It is certainly mating season for the turkeys.  In the orchard, a couple of toms were posturing for a group of hens, doing their best to impress and sweet talk the ladies.  Among the hens was a bird of a different color; a wannabe.  Ginger was in the group, pretending she belonged.  Hens of both species were studiously ignoring the males, continuing to gossip among themselves and scratching under the leaves.  I wanted to get a photo of the boys as they strutted and preened, but they stayed in shadow, as close to the girls as allowed.  Later on, things heated up.  Over in the south pasture, a large group of turkeys of both sexes were gathered and yelling.  It appeared that some females were jealous and were driving other girls away and the males stood around cheering.

Spring is in the air, for the birds, that is.

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Kathryn said...

What a treasure that photo is and what a treasure and lifesaver you were to that little guy!