Monday, March 30, 2015

Just Another Day

"Hi, what are you doing?"  It was Go-To Guy.  Me, "It's Sunday.  I'm watching NASCAR, what else would I be doing?"  Go-To, "Just wanted to make sure you weren't in the shower because I'm coming by and will shut off your water."  One does get the strangest phone calls up here.  No water?!  And the race was on.  Wash the last of the dishes, make a pitcher of hummer juice, answer a call of nature and flush.  I didn't know how long I'd be without water while Go-To finished the repair on the line and there are priorities.

It's so hard to complain about the weather on a gorgeous day (but I'll try).  On the way back from the barn, I noted that the high grass is beginning to turn brown.  Too soon!  It doesn't bode well for summer and the water supply.  Being on a well, it is cause for concern.  At any rate, Go-To went to the first shed where the pressure tank and control valves are to turn off the water.  He came back in a minute and asked if I had the key to that door.  My heart sank, as that door has never been locked and I feared the mechanism had broken and what was I to do about that?  The storm door torn off in the last storm was still leaning against the wall as I've not been able to replace it yet and I sure didn't need another broken door.  He turned the handle to show me how it was locked, looked at me, and we both went hysterical.  "Push, don't pull."  Whew!  That was an easy, funny fix.  It took next to no time for him to repair the water line to the trees in the field and Debbie and I had a nice chat.

On my way back to the house, this little totem was posing on the porch wood rack.  He'd evidently had a close encounter of the worst kind and was regenerating his tail, or most thereof.  Lizards have the capability to "throw" their tail off in an attempt to distract a predator.  The tail will never grow as it was, but enough to give the critter balance.

A cloud bank southeast toward Yosemite caught the last of the sun's rays at bedtime for the girls last evening.  Poppy is becoming forgetful.  She heads toward the barn but becomes distracted.  For many nights now, I've had to put the goats in and then go back to herd Poppy to the barn.  I've got Bessie in the house and Poppy in the field, both getting old with bad memory problems.  Ah, well, the trials and tribulations of aging.

It was a good day.

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