Saturday, March 28, 2015

Quick Change

In what seems like only a few days, I've gone from worrying about whether I'd have enough firewood to get through winter to wondering if my deodorant was working; the weather has changed that fast.  In the last load of laundry, I was hanging turtleneck sweaters on the line.  Yesterday I wore a sleeveless dress.  Yes, I said dress, and I wasn't sure I wouldn't have to show ID to prove it was really me when I went to a lovely luncheon at Tinka's to reunite with Kit and Earlene.  I'm so seldom out of bibby uniform.  There has been no time to acclimate to the change in temperature, more than a twenty-degree climb.  We've had snow some years as late as April and May, but I don't recall that it's ever been this warm this early before.  It's not yet hot, as I think of hot, but way too warm for March.  It did make it pleasant to sit on Tinka's patio to have her pecan pie after lunch and talk and talk in the midst of her well-manicured garden.  The violets were running rampant everywhere, one of my favorite flowers.  As always, time with friends flies by too fast.

I've been holding off posting a photo of The Project because Kit was coming up and one was made for her birthday and I didn't want to spoil the surprise.  By default, I was given a big box of stainless steel flatware.  This box traveled for years to every annual Family Reunion.  Due to changing times, Steve's family has chosen disposable forks and spoons and no longer needed that box.  What to do with what seemed like hundreds of pieces of mismatched flatware?  I decided, if I could, to change them into wind chimes.  The flattened spoons make a pretty tinkle in the breeze.  Stainless steel is a booger to drill and mash, hence the need for a new vise and the drill press.  I already had the needle-nose and flat pliers.  I won't say it was a quick change, but I've got the system down pretty well now and have made five so far.

I had to make another change when I got home.  Going down to the barn in a dress and sandals; hmmm, no.  Back to bibbies and heavy shoes.

It was a good day.


Linda Cox said...

Beautiful. And happy birthday Kit!

Kathryn said...

It was more than a good was a GREAT day. I feel SO honored to be gifted with the now-finally-unveiled "Project," and I can't wait to hang it in the San Diego sun and wind!! And thank you so much, Linda, for the greeting!