Thursday, March 19, 2015

Talking Smack

The smoke from this burn pile up on Omo Ranch Road yesterday makes the picayune plume from mine look pitiful, no matter how impressed I was.  Regardless, coals are still throwing heat four days after the burn here even with a thorough soaking.  I can't imagine how long a big burn like this one will smolder.

Since before daylight this morning, two tom turkeys have been loudly talking smack to each other in my backyard.  They face off and puff up, but so far have limited their fight to just words.  A third tom is lurking behind the side oak, not sure if he wants to get into the fracas.  Wisely, he just walked away down into the south pasture, keeping the tree between him and the thugs.

Speaking of lurkers, I got a shot of Poppy peeking around the corner yesterday, waiting to see which bucket I had in hand.  I'd just finished dumping onto the poop pile.  She knows that bucket and stays put.  Poppy is well aware that my next chore will be to fill the feed bucket for the next day.  I couldn't get out of the room because she came around to block the door, mooching her morning treat.  She does make me smile.

We are in the prime of spring.  Colors pop, blues and greens so bright they nearly hurt the eyes.  I planted some red salvia and yellow marigolds on the deck in the afternoon.  There has been an influx of hummingbirds and their jewel colors shine in the sun.  They're drinking a good two quarts of juice a day already.  I got another 25-lb sack of sugar just for them on the last trip to town.  Temperatures are mild and the days are so pleasant.

It's daylight and the toms have settled their differences.  I'm still messed up with the time change.  Right on schedule with the sun, I'm late by the clock and half the day is gone by the time I get back to the house.  I'm trying hard to adapt, but I still talk smack.

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Kathryn Williams said...

The colors on the Poppy picture just JUMP off the page. Wow.