Saturday, March 5, 2016

Be Prepared

Rain, raining, rained.  It's a wet world out there.  Heavy winds are predicted for this weekend and that ups the odds of a power outage.  It pays to be prepared so just in case I put in a load of laundry and ran the dishwasher last night.  I hauled feed down to the barn yesterday morning.  That was a bit of a struggle because one of the tires on the hand cart had gone completely flat.  Seventy-five pounds of grain and a tire threatening to come off the rim were not easy.  At least it was not raining then.

I am preparing to get really pissy if we lose power tomorrow night.  It's the series ending of "Downton Abbey" and I would be devastated to miss it.  I don't understand exactly how these things work, but the DVR records even when the television is turned off.  Somehow I expect small miracles and that the machine will do its job in the absence of electricity.

I learned yesterday that Tecla, the gal from the Netherlands who WWOOFs for Tim, will be here one day this week.  She was such a joy when she came last year and I'm so looking forward to seeing her again.  Company coming equals "What shall I cook?"  I'm thinking Italian sausage and peppers (yes, again).  The red and yellow peppers were on sale and I stocked up on my last trip to the store and I didn't even know I was preparing for company.

"Be prepared" is the Scout motto.  Some things you just don't forget.  Another Scout memory is of my daughter asking, "Mama, was Juliette Lowe your Girl Scout leader?"  Juliette Lowe founded the Girl Scouts in 1912.  I was in my early 30s when Deb asked.  "No, dear, she was not."  That was right up there with, "Mama, how old were you when they fought the Civil War?"  Age is in the perception.

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