Saturday, March 26, 2016

Practice Run

It wasn't Peter Cottontail hopping down the Bunny was Mr. Longears leisurely making his way down inside the fence line in the goat pen on a practice run.  We have a lot of jackrabbits up here, but very few cottontails anymore.  There used to be some crossbreeds in the past, probably Easter bunnies that escaped, but they were possibly done in by predators over time.  The goats were standing in the pen, just watching Mr. Longears as he made a sharp right at the barn, went across the pen and through the fence into Joel's vineyard.

Seeing wildlife is very often a case of being in the right place at the right time.  Later in the day, Bess and I were on walkabout when either the same or another jackrabbit headed to the vineyard, this time outside the pen by the main gate.  He suddenly put the pedal to the metal and squeezed through the fence and under the dead (not dead, just dormant) grape vines.  No dumb bunny, that, as a hawk swooped down, made a grab, and missed.  Screeching in frustration, the hawk flew off and Mr. Longears made his escape.

Not to worry, the Easter eggs will be delivered on time.


Kathryn Williams said... my grown son was just saying...rabbits give birth to live bunnies - where did we get the combo of the Easter Bunny and EGGS? I know that chicks are prevalent at Easter time, but decorations are always bunnies and eggs...what gives with THAT??? LOL - figured you might shed some light!!

Bo said...

Goes back to pagan times, Kit. Eggs and rabbits are symbols of fertility, and predate the rebirth of Christ. Spring seems to be the combining factor for both rituals.