Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Bright sunny morning.  The girls came in on cue, did their bit, and went out to enjoy the warmth and green grassy stuff while I cleaned the barn.  A good feeling of accomplishment and done in record time.  Brimming with ambition, laundry was the first house chore of the day.  And then it all came to a screeching halt.  Cloud cover rolled in, drizzly rain started falling, the house got cold, and all good intentions drained away.  Bringing in a load of wood for the stove and getting it lit, I sat down (big mistake).  I'd DVRd "Crossfire Trail" (Tom Selleck, Wilford Brimley, Mark Harmon - 2001).  Ahh, Tom Selleck.  Sigh.  Nice piece of eye candy, that.  Can I be blamed for watching "Crossfire Trail"?  I'd intended to hold off watching the last and bittersweet episode of "Downton Abbey," but it had just come up on PBS and I'd blown half the day anyway.  After that came the BAFTA award ceremony for the cast and crew of "Downton Abbey."  That was a must-see.  I am obviously easily seduced.

Back to reality.  Bess and I took the trash down to the big road, our weekly outing.  One of the old Araucana hens had looked pretty peaked in the morning, but did come out for feed on her own.  I'd really hoped her ordeal would be over by bedtime, but she was still hanging on when I put the others inside for the night.  Nature is not always kind to little creatures.  Tucking her safely out of the way and hopefully in a warm spot, I closed the door and wished her safe journey.

Two loads of laundry washed, dried, and folded.  Period.

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Kathryn Williams said...

You can NOT be blamed for watching "Crossfire Trail"...or anything Selleck!! I hope your little chicken has a speedy journey, and even getting laundry done can be a high here's yours!!!!