Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Just Another Day

The early morning sun put a spotlight on the frothy plum trees in the front orchard yesterday.  The larger on the left was already established down the slope when we moved in.  The smaller on the right is a volunteer up at the edge of the drop off in the back yard.  I assume it grew from a seed dropped by a browsing deer.  Deer will darn near climb a tree to get ripe plums.  This is the first year the little tree has blossomed and I have hope for some fruit.

There appear to be microclimates here on the property.  The almond and a plum tree in the north orchard blossomed and are done already.  A spindly apricot nearby has put out a few pretty pink flowers.  None of the trees on that side have ever done well and many died.  For years, I kept trying, planting, caging, watering, etc.  I put in probably six cherry trees over time, as well as varieties of peach, nectarine, apple, and others; none lived.  The visions I had of flowering trees and bountiful harvests, all for naught.  Deer above, ground squirrels and gophers below, and poor placement.  Sigh.

Using a leash on Inga has solved her walk-away problem.  She still doesn't like it.  We have a mini-rodeo in her stall as I try to get the rope around her neck, and then she pulls so hard on the way to the milking room that she chokes and my shoulder feels dislocated.  I'm hoping she'll come to accept the process as Sheila has.  The girls are once again in season and yesterday it was Tessie who refused to come in.  She (make that we) will be sorry this morning.

The little post office in Somerset closes for a lunch hour between one and two (and it's not open on Saturday).  One has to plan one's outing carefully if one needs postal service.  I missed going early because Milk Guy was coming and so had to wait until after two yesterday on my way to the hardware store.  Both missions accomplished, there was only enough time to paint three sides of the well housing before dusk.  Go-To used T 111 siding and it's a real stinker to work with.  I had to scrub paint into all the nooks and crannies in the rough-cut wood, a lot more time consuming than painting drywall or even plywood.  Rain is looming on the horizon later this week and I need to get it finished so Go-To can reinstall the protection for the well pump.

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