Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Herding Cats

The Christmas tree still stands in the living room.  Now we're heading toward Easter, another family holiday, and I'm heading toward a headache.  Clay works on Sundays.  Since we move holidays around the calendar like checkers on a board anyhow, I decided (all on my own) that Easter dinner would be on the Saturday before Easter this year so Clay could attend.  I text-messaged the agenda to the Kids.  The first response was from Clay:  "Can't come.  Have to work."  Aaargh.  In followup texts, it turned out that he could come on that Saturday and I gave a sigh of relief.  Premature, that was.  Deb and Craig were fine with Sunday dinner on Saturday (keep up here, confusing as it is).  The other two local sons, what can I say?  One has to check his social calendar and the other may go camping.  Getting my family organized is like herding cats.  I guess for those who show up, the Easter Bunny will hand out Christmas gifts and bow-wrapped eggs.

Another drizzly day and a damp chill invaded the house.  It's been a fairly warm storm this go-round, but yesterday I broke down and lit the wood stove.  It was perfect timing for a dinner of sausages, peppers, and onions to warm the "inner person."

Another sunset that took my breath away.

I'll leave a message for Peter Cottontail and hope for the best.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Social Calendar and Camping be damned...Mama needs Christmas and Easter. I don't think it ever used to be this hard to get family together in "the old days!" Crossing my fingers for you! I feel your pain!!