Thursday, March 3, 2016

Switching Sides

Go-To and Mrs. Go-To came in the afternoon to install the pump house down in the front pasture.  Actually, GT declined our help and managed this heavy structure by himself, getting it through the fence and field and onto the concrete base.  Mrs. GT and I discussed our frustration with men who say, "Oh, no.  I can do it by myself."  ('Nuff said.)  If GT strained a muscle, he wisely didn't say.
It turns out that my theory of the mice camps down in the milking room is at least partly correct.  Wink, the one-eyed mouse who lived on the left with the youngsters, has moved over to the grownup colony on the right.  In fact, a lot of the Littles seem to have changed sides as there are many more Bigs these days.  Not all have identifying characteristics so it's hard to tell exactly.  I haven't seen Kinks or Twitchy for quite awhile now.

I also have not seen ground squirrels in the room or in the yard for months, so it was startling to look up from the bucket and into the eyes of a squirrel in the big room yesterday.  Where have they been, do you suppose?  I can't say I'm particularly happy to see the return of these little varmints as they are so destructive.  Oh well.

In another switcheroo, rain is predicted within the next few hours.  It's been in the 70s the last few days and, need it as we do, I'm not ready for more rainy days.  It will, however, save me from having to water the deck plants.

The Ladies of Fair Play are due for dinner tonight and I'd best quit dawdling and dust.  How's that for a switch.

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The Tote Trove said...

Gorgeous florals, so rustic and bright! I read your previous post about being less than satisfied with the results; why is it that we're always our own worst critics? I'm the same with my crafts.