Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Chickens Aren't Chicken

Rain off and on all day yesterday and the goats huddled in the play yard, in the little shed, and wherever they could stay out of the rain.  The chickens, on the other hand, went inside the coop only during the worst downpours.  When it was only drizzling, they were out in their pen, scratching and pecking as usual.  Maybe their feathers are more waterproof than goat hide, I don't know.  They are braver than I, for sure, because I holed up in the house all day.

In the evening, I settled in to watch "The Blue Gardenia" (1953, Anne Baxter, Richard Conte, Ann Sothern, Raymond Burr).  It isn't on my list of Top Ten, but not a bad flick.  About halfway through and...  Blip!  The power went out.  Found the flashlight, made the call to PG&E, and lit the oil lamp.  It was only 8:30, too early to go to bed (I'm a grownup, after all).  Sitting in the dim light, I was glad to have a warm, breathing cat on my lap and Bessie's head on my feet.  It can get pretty lonely in total silence and nearly complete darkness.  When Steve was alive and we lost power, we'd light the lamps and play cards.  I had a little light that would attach to a book and sometimes I'd read aloud to him.  Reading was difficult for him, but he did love to listen to a good story.  Being without electricity became an adventure.

One never knows when PG&E will find and fix the problem, but it's best to prepare for the long haul.  Note to self:  wash the glass chimneys and trim the wicks on the oil lamps soon.  I was running various scenarios through my head for the evening and, ta da!, the power came back.  It had been out for only 45 minutes, close to a record.  I blew out the lamp, waited for the television to find itself again on the satellite, fast-forwarded the movie to the last scene viewed, and just as Baxter was ready to confess...  Blip!  Back to black.  Oh, come on.  Not again.  About the time I'd decided to throw in the towel and find my way to the bedroom, ta da again.  Only a half-hour this time.  Okay, same routine:  found where the film had left off, hoped for the best, and watched to the end.  Went to bed.

End of story.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Your days and nights are CERTAINLY more entertaining than mine! I often miss parts of my programs and have to rewind to find my place...but only because my recliner puts me to sleep!!!