Sunday, July 24, 2016

Good Intentions

With the best of intentions (I even made a to-do list), I did not get everything done yesterday.  The heat is like an anchor around my neck and I go into slow motion.  I'm not the only one affected.  The chickens take desultory dust baths and turkeys rest quietly in the shade instead of going on parade.  Ralph and Celeste lie in this room and that, only moving when the sun strikes their spot and they try to find a cooler place.  Bess does pretty much the same, only asking to go outside when she knows I'll soak her down with the hose.  I turned the sprinkler on in the front garden to fill the birdbath for our feathered friends.  I'm not ashamed to say I stood in the spray myself.  Only the baby squirrels race around like the nut-cases they are.  Not a hint of the delta breezes blew and the heat was plain oppressive.

Well, that which did not get done yesterday is not going to do itself today and I need to get a move on while it is still relatively cool.  At least I've still got the list and that should point me in the right direction.  That's my intention.

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