Saturday, July 9, 2016

Random Acts

Throughout my life I have been the recipient of random acts of kindness that continue to amaze me.  Walking down to the goat pen yesterday morning, I heard a big engine coming slowly up my drive.  Hmmm?  Cresting the hill came Beau on his big-boy John Deere tractor.  No lawn tractor this, his has a front-loader bucket and ripper blades behind.  "Hi, Beau!  What are you up to this fine morning?"  "I've come to take out that star thistle in your west field."  (Silence here because I was speechless.)  He had evidently noted the overgrowth the day before.  Before I could gather my wits, he and his JD rumbled over and went to work.  The girls were waiting so I tended to my chores.  It takes me a little bit more than an hour to milk and clean and for that time Beau trundled back and forth in the field.  We finished about the same time.  Beau looked like the gingerbread man, covered in fine silt dust head to toe.  "How hard would it be to talk you in to a cold beer?"  "Just say 'beer.'"

Beau adamantly refused my offer of payment, saying that I hadn't asked him to do anything.  I tried to give him something for the gas and he refused that also.  All I had left was my sincere gratitude for an act of kindness.

It was a good day.


Emmy Abrahams said...

What a neat friend !

Kathryn Williams said...

Oh that almost brought tears to my eyes. YAY BEAU!! I bet a pie could be in his future if he is a pie eater. I'm tickled for you, Bo, as you are kind to so many, that it is wonderful when it comes back to you!!! A good day indeed!