Sunday, July 31, 2016

Not Much

It is fitting to start at the end of day because not much went on during daylight hours.  The unrelenting heat continued, made worse by smoke in the air from the Soberanes fire over in Monterey County.  That, and not clouds, is the dark layer in the sky at sundown.

With the clotheslines down, my most ambitious undertaking was to move laundry from the washer to the dryer, then fold it.

A highlight of the day was a call from my grandson Jake, who is finishing Air Force boot camp in San Antonio.  I hardly recognize this young man, certainly not the kid who visited here shortly before he began his enlistment.  Poor guy, he'll be trading the heat of Texas for the humidity of his next station in Mississippi.  (And I whine about the temperatures here.)

Vultures were hanging around the goat pen again, looking for another handout.  I'm hoping never to provide another snake for them.  They'd left neither skin nor scale of the last one.  (Was going to say "hide nor hair," but that would have been inaccurate.)

There will be an impromptu meeting of the Ladies today at Linda's for dinner.  She, in addition to being a great cook, has air conditioning!!

It's predicted to be four or five degrees cooler today, still in the 90s.  That's not much, but I'll take it!


Emmy Abrahams said...

This is called a cool-down
It's not much, but be grateful for small favors, they say.
How great some one with AC is cooking dinner

Kathryn Williams said...

Thank you, Jake, for your service. And as much as I hate, hate, hate humidity, dare I say, I would trade the humidity of Mississippi for the heat of the mid-east desert. Stay safe, Jake.