Tuesday, July 5, 2016

It's Official!

Yesterday I joined the ranks of official Farmers.  I bought a John Deere (lawn) tractor!  There's something about that familiar green and yellow that shouts "farm" to me.  My friend Harold called in the morning to ask if I'd like to go with him to look at tractors down in Martell.  In addition to his ironworks and foundry, Harold has repaired equipment of all kinds all his life and I knew his advice would be invaluable.  He said he'd throw in lunch, an offer I couldn't refuse on the Fourth of July.  Much like at a car lot, I drooled over the John Deeres (out of my price range), sneered at the Husqvarnas (too many plastic parts), and looked seriously at the Troy-Bilts.  Then the manager who was helping us suggested a used John Deere that had been turned in on an upgrade, no repairs needed.  She reduced the price to match a Troy-Bilt, offered free delivery, and I found out later there was a $200 rebate!

With ten acres to tend, a lawn (what a misnomer that is!) tractor is mandatory.  With the cremation of Fu Manchu still fresh in my mind and a dwindling bank account under consideration, Harold and I went for lunch and to weigh my options.  Right here I'm going to add that liver and onions was on the menu, a dish I'd rather have than prime rib any day.  I took that as a sign and we went back to purchase John.  He won't be delivered until next Sunday, but there's no hurry.  Hot, dry weather and the danger of a spark setting a fire will put off mowing for awhile and it will take me some time to acquaint myself with a new-to-me vehicle.  I won't say I'm not eager to fire him up and start doing laps and the dreaded star thistle is taking over and setting their painful thorny seeds, but safety comes first.

We'd gotten a break in the weather, I'd spent the afternoon in good company, ate liver and onions, and I've gotten a replacement tractor named John.

 It was a good day.  It's official!

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Kathryn Williams said...

Well Farmer Bo, it sounds like a GREAT independence day for you. As for your lunch selection...I had better keep my opinion to myself! LOL