Monday, July 18, 2016

The Uninvited

One girl on the stand, the herd in the pen, everything going smoothly when I heard the girls snort the alarm.  All heads were pointed in one direction, but I couldn't see the why of it.  Taking the bucket with me (never leave a milk bucket under a goat unless you want to sit back down in a puddle), I went to look.  Aha!  An uninvited coyote was standing in the front yard checking the chicken breakfast menu.  "Hmmm.  Shall I go for the red or the black and white today?"  Once again I was glad I'm not in view or hearing of my neighbors as I banged on the barn walls and hollered, "Git!  Get out of here!"  I did startle Coyote but obviously didn't scare him/her.  He (arbitrary gender assignment) calmly turned and trotted back down the driveway.  The hens had been safe all the while, but I'd prefer the predators would go after some of the ubiquitous ground squirrels.

Camille and I were comparing notes on the squirrels, also uninvited visitors.  After many years of living down on the corner and never having these little boogers on her property, she found one in her barn the other day and was outraged.  I immediately disclaimed ownership.  All of "my" squirrels are accounted for.  We agreed they wouldn't be quite so obnoxious if they would show some courtesy and good manners.  Mice will take one piece of grain at a time, either scurrying away with it or sitting nibbling quietly until it is gone.  They'll then politely wipe their mouth before choosing another snack.  Squirrels, on the other hand, push their way in and stuff their pouches full, showing no self-restraint whatsoever.  If they pause at all, it's to chew noisily with their mouth full and open.  Just plain rude, I say.

Another creature I've never invited into the house is an ant.  Make that "ants" plural.  But still they come, and come in droves every summer.  I'm assuming they come for water.  I might sympathize with their need, but it isn't as if I didn't have water sources outside for all wild things.  They overstep their bounds, as far as I'm concerned.  An ant in the house is a dead ant in my book and I wage a daily war with them during the season.

I didn't exactly invite Ralph to my lap last night, but he appeared and decided to just chill for awhile.  Now he's the kind of uninvited guest I can enjoy.

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Kathryn Williams said...

My goodness but Ralph is a handsome lad!! And squirrel...tastes like chicken, doesn't it??? LOL