Friday, July 1, 2016

I Can 'Ear You Now

(You'd have to have seen that commercial...)

It's been a tough year for ears down in the barn.  Two squirrels, "Raggedy" and "Andy," have torn ears, one on the left and one on the right.  I'm thinking these two are henchmen for the gang of thugs (I believe the Mafia calls them soldiers), and their intended victims fought back.  I was under siege by the entire tribe yesterday, ganged up on, as it were.  It wasn't just Percy and Pal, thugs were coming at me from all sides and all the time.  It was an all-out raid!  My head was swiveling back and forth and I was stamping and swatting like a madwoman.  It's hard to concentrate on the job at hand with that kind of distraction.

There is an undersized mouse that also has ear abnormalities.  "Dumbo" (Disney, 1941) has ears set low on his head.  He is one of those who sits nearby to eat his breakfast, looking steadily into my eyes all the while.  He's an endearing little chap.

Inga is getting ready for retirement.  Ever since her first kid years ago, she's been a heavy milker, almost impossible to dry up even when I tried.  Giving less and less, she's down to about a quart a day now, and that's fine with me.  Always the hardest to milk with those little bubble teats, I won't be sorry to stop, especially in this heat.  Sheila and Tessie give a good gallon combined, so it's not like I'll run out of milk any time soon.  Inga has more than earned a rest.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Ah, Inga...your days of tormenting Bo are coming to an end. Sounds like you have had a good long run, 'ol gal! And Mafia Gang....KNOCK IT OFF!! :-)