Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Leaving Home

I don't like to leave home.  With careful planning, I'd gotten my grocery shopping and errand running in town down to twice a month, with maybe a quick trip to the feed store every so often.  That suited me just fine.  All the way home yesterday from the "mapping" at the radiation oncology office, I tried to work out the logistic nightmare of having to go to Cameron Park five days a week for a month.  (Hey, it's only four weeks; I lucked out there.)  Goats in the morning, change clothes, leave the house by 2:30, appointment at 3:30 (they tell me each treatment will take no more than 15 minutes), probably catch commuter traffic on the way home so toss in another hour, change back to bibbies, have a bite to eat, put goats and chickens to bed, and call it a day.  ("Please, Mr. Custer, I don't wanna go," song by Larry Verne, 1960.)

Well, look at the bright side.  It's not winter, when roads would be icy and slick and/or it could be raining or worse, and the goats would need to be in the barn before dark at 4:30.  There's always a bright side.  And the truck has air conditioning.

John sits where I left him.  Deb found a John Deere manual online that I can print out (all 60 pages).  There wasn't enough time to get that done yesterday, but I did get to read it.  It seems part of my trouble is that all pedals, etc., are exactly on opposite sides to Fu's mechanics.  John doesn't want to leave home either; he wants to get into his little shed where he belongs.

July 25th is D-Day for the grand adventure to begin.  That gives me two weeks of freedom, and I'm going to enjoy it.  At home!


Emmy Abrahams said...

Hang in there, friend

So many of us love you and are rooting for you......wish we could all be there to help you out.

If our thoughts and wishes could magically turn into actions, you would be overwhelmed with the help.

Kathryn Williams said...

I totally agree with Emmy, and like you said, it is NOT a bad weather time (except for heat) so IF if has to happen, summer and "daylight savings time" (Ya...I know..haha) are the best for your schedule. Hopefully you can skirt traffic? Enjoy your 2 weeks!!!