Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Taking Sides

I think it works like this:  the mice have babies, the babies become adolescents, the parents kick them out of the nest, the kids move over to the other side of the room, and a new clan is formed.  There are raids on the opposing camp, dashes across to steal grain and a race back to safety.  If caught by the home team, there is a fierce, if brief, tussle.  Mice have this amazing ability to leap straight up into the air, probably six times their own height, to evade injury.  Sometimes it's this popcorn effect that catches my eye first and alerts me to the Lilliputian warfare.  Clan allegiance is pretty strong, members pretty much sticking to their own territory.  Therefore it was unusual to see that Dumbo, the undersized mouse with the big, low-set ears, had moved over to the other side and back with the older mice.  I guess there are bullies in the mouse world, too.  He continues to keep a low profile, but seems to be well accepted now.

In the light of day, I was finally able to find where that tool goes on the vacuum cleaner (thought I was losing my mind) and finally got the carpet swept before Arden came for a lunch of tea-party leftovers.  Unfortunately, I had to give her the bum's rush because I had to get down the hill.  My only time clock normally is sundown, and I'm not used to having to make appointments during the day.

After sweating buckets in the barn, a shower was mandatory (no time before Arden came).  I'd been told not to put deodorant on the affected side before treatment.  In this weather?  "Poor you.  Better stay on my good side."  I've got to reach a happy medium as I'd cut it pretty fine getting to my appointment on Monday so allowed more time yesterday.  Too much time as it turned out.  That's okay.  The office is air conditioned and I had a good book.  It was more pleasant to sit there than at home.

Bess had been stuck in the hot house all day.  It only seemed fair to put her in the truck after I got back from town to take the trash down to the big road.  The truck has air conditioning and would give her a bit of relief.  The things we do for our furry friends.

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