Thursday, July 7, 2016

On The Road Again

Dang, I thought my commuting days were over but (there's always a "but") it's true, I will be hitting the road again.  Cameron Park, here I come.  On Monday I'll go down for "mapping" and a CT scan.  Mapping will include tattoo dots.  I'm thinking later I'll figure out how to fit them into the constellation of Taurus and get the job finished (pity the poor tattoo artist for that job).  Treatment won't begin until six weeks after surgery.  Dr. D gave consideration to my travel time and will up the radiation dose (strength?) to lessen the therapy by a week, but that's still five days a week for a month.  Aarrgh.

Yesterday was trash pick-up day.  I stopped down at the corner on the way home to trundle Cam's bin (which we share now) back to her house.  Bumping along across the road and almost to her drive, I saw that she'd already brought hers back.  It seems I was stealing someone else's bin.  Hoping I hadn't been seen, I guiltily put some stranger's barrel back where it had been.

We've had a lovely break from the heat lately, only into the mid-to-low 80s.  That's my kind of summer.


Emmy Abrahams said...

You are a trooper, and I know you will see the bright side of things , as you always do.

I had a dog once who we trained to go out and pick up the newspaper from our front yard each day.
However, in a few weeks, he would go to everyone on the blocks house and bring us theirs your garbage can story.

Kathryn Williams said...

Glad you will have one week less - so so sorry that you have to go thru with it at all, but hopefully you will get a great finished tattoo out of on!!