Saturday, July 23, 2016

Party Plans

Call me The Mad Hatter if you will, but I'm throwing a tea party for the Ladies of Fair Play tomorrow.  It just seems like a ladylike, fun thing to do, a little different from the norm and I'm fortunate that my friends are willing to play along with me.  I have a wall full of hats in all shapes and sizes so we can play dress up in high fashion if the Ladies don't bring their own.  "Tea party" is a misnomer as, being grownups, we'll be pouring champagne and skip the tea.

Cleaning house more than a day in advance is an exercise in futility.  Dust resettles before you can leave the room and the dog tracks in leaves and burrs every time she comes in the house, so those are last-minute chores.  Wouldn't you know the temperature has been rising in leaps and bounds?  I did get a start on baking desserts yesterday.  When it's in the 90s, having the oven on hardly makes a difference.  Finishing the savories will have to wait until tomorrow, but I can do a lot of the prep work today.

Taking a break from the kitchen, Bess and I went out on the deck in the afternoon, hoping to catch a breath of air.  Not only was there a breeze, there was music coming from one of the wineries.  How pleasant.  Cam came by later to enjoy the unexpected concert, bringing Honey to play with Bess, and a small goat she's babysitting who stayed in the truck.  (I know proper English would dictate that people are "who" and animals and things are "that."  Not in our world.)

It was a good, if hot, day.

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