Thursday, July 28, 2016

Oohs And Ahhs

In winter, I feel so bad when I use an ice-cold, wet wipe to clean a girl's udder and she jumps and says, "Ooh!"  These days when it is 90-plus or 100 as it was yesterday, a goat's response is, "Ahhh.  Don't stop."

Bessie Anne also said, "Ahhh," as she stood in her pool and I poured water over her back and shoulders when I got home.  She meets me at the door, panting from the heat.  I leave the ceiling fan on and plenty of water in several bowls, but there's not much else I can do for her (or for me, either).

"Aarrgh!"  Thankfully, gas prices are down right now.  My only stop after treatment was for gasoline.  "Can I stretch out one more trip?  Better not."  Besides, the cost of filling an empty tank would probably give me a coronary.  Like medicine, it's easier to swallow smaller doses.

"Ooh!" (or something close) when a second clothesline broke.  The remaining line will do for hanging socks, but not much else.  I'm waiting for some tall person to come by to put up new lines.  I could do it, but were I to get up on a ladder and fall, if the landing didn't kill me, my Kids would.  I'm not sure of the logic of threatening bodily harm if I were to hurt myself, but I've been warned.

"Really?!"  After years of slo-w-l-y whittling away at a high that I won't disclose, I finally weigh less than the lie that I put on my driver's license way back when.  (I never lie about my age, but can't say the same for my weight.)  Working toward ten-pound goals took forever.  Whether I can keep it off remains to be seen, but it's cause for celebration now.


Kathryn Williams said...

LOL about the lie on the license about weight! Pretty universal unless one is naturally thin. I was BELOW my license weight...for 10 whole months...and then I threw (or ate) it away. 4 down...only 16 to go! U GO GIRL!!

Kathryn Williams said...

I can't count - or thought yesterday was Friday. Anyway...ALMOST 4 down!