Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Soft Day

It was a fine, soft day.  In other words, it rained steadily morning and night.  The lilac blossoms bowed down with the weight of the water, and the wisteria drooped along the fence line.  The new Shirley Temple peony buds started to open; they will be a lovely pale pink, almost white.  Slogging down to the barn (twice) through tall grasses soaked my pant legs to the knees, and I risked life and limb in the chicken pen goo (also twice).

Not only did it rain here, it also rained in Texas.  I know this because there was a two-hour delay in the start of the Saturday evening NASCAR race.  After waiting and waiting as it got later and later and finally getting to watch (my guy is in the tank, hasn't been doing well at all, sad to say), I was dealt a low blow toward the end.  I'd set the DVR to record two other programs and when that happens, live TV is cut off.  Aaargh.  I found out today online that Jimmy Johnson did it again, he's that good.

The weather being what it was, it was perfect night to make the Curried Lentil soup mix from Deb and Craig for dinner.  Hot, filling, nicely spiced, and comforting after putting the kids to bed.  I'm always surprised at how quickly lentils cook.  I'm more used to working with split peas and dry lima and pinto beans, and they take hours.

Today is a day for leftovers, leftover clouds and leftover soup.  Another soft day.

PS:  it occurred to me that yesterday's topic might have been confusing.  It was a quote from Shakespeare, "The quality of mercy is not strained, it falleth from heaven as the gentle rain."

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Kathryn Williams said...

Thanks for the Shakespeare explanation - I was familiar with part of it but not all, and it went RIGHT over my head!