Sunday, April 17, 2016

Keeping Up

This cart full of appetizers is only the beginning, picked up just in the driveway from the front door to the feed barn.  The yards are similarly littered, but will wait for another day.  I don't like to overload the girls with anything new in their diet so as not to upset their gastrointestinal tract.  Sometimes the herd is mean to Cindy.  When I'd handed just one branch over the other day, Cindy got maybe one leaf before the others snatched it away.  Yesterday I pitched this load over the fence before letting the girls out.  For whatever reason, Cindy went up to the corner first and alone while Inga was up on the stand and Esther and Tessie hung around the barn.  (Sheila has to stay in her stall until I'm done with Inga and can bring Sheila around on a lead so she doesn't go walkabout.  I'm done playing that game.)  The upshot is that Cindy got her choice of the best bits while the others dallied.  Ha ha!

The sentry on duty called in reinforcements.  Four eyes are better than two.  They stood like statues, one facing one way, one facing the other, even as the goats and I walked within feet of them.  Anyone who as seen the video clip that went viral of the squirrel calling, "Alan!  Alan!" will understand what I hear in my mind's ear when I see these guys.

There were no downed branches out in the west field and the wind had died down.  It was a perfect afternoon to give Fu a workout and tootle around (and around and around) out there.  We also mowed down the long drive and out by the road.  We may not keep up with the Joneses, but we do try to keep up with the weeds.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Our writer friend's husband's name is Allen, and needless to say, I sent the video to them some time ago, and she and I crack up any time one of us says, "Allen...Alan...Allan!" (Take your pick!) It is apparently how the employees around him sound every day, as he puts out lots of fires at work!