Saturday, April 23, 2016

Just Wait

"If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes."  Yesterday was one of those days.  Helper Dude came early to cut down weeds.  The sun had (had being the definitive term) been shining, but when HD arrived it was overcast and blustery.  He got an amazing amount of ground covered in an hour before it began to sprinkle and he called it quits.

By the time I went down to the barn it was really raining.  While I went through the more complicated rainy-day routine with the girls, it began to pour, rain coming down in sheets and windy.  Really, really windy!  Back in the house, I wrung out my socks and hung my dripping bibbies over the tub.  The wind did die down, but it continued to rain heavily all day.

In early after noon, the thunder and lightning show began.  Loud booms and bright flashes.  Shortly after that, it started to hail pea-size bits of ice.  It would hail, stop, and then hail more and harder.  Then, would you believe it, the sun came out.

We got the full weather menu yesterday.  Gee, I'm sure glad I'd watered the plants the day before.

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